2 Easy Ways to Make Group FaceTime Calls on iPhone

FaceTime is an internet connection-based phone and video calling application specifically for users of Apple products such as the iPhone . Generally, FaceTime will be directly installed on the iPhone without having to download it first in the App Store application store. The features of FaceTime can now be said to be quite complete, including the group calling feature.

The feature, which is also known as Group FaceTime , allows users to make phone calls with several other users simultaneously up to 32 people. The option of the Group FaceTime feature itself can be easily found on the iPhone. For those of you who want to make FaceTime group calls on iPhone, please follow the steps below. How to make a FaceTime group call on iPhone Open the FaceTime app on the iPhone’s home screen. Then, click on the “New FaceTime” option. Add some contacts you want to contact via Group FaceTime. Next, click on the “FaceTime” option to start a group call. Apart from adding multiple contacts, you can also make group calls via the Group FaceTime link by clicking the “Create Link” option. Through this link, other contacts who get it can join the FaceTime group call.

Group FaceTime is not only created through the default FaceTime application on the iPhone, but can also be done in iMessage. As is well known, iMessage is an instant messaging application that is also specifically for users of Apple products, including the iPhone. Also read: Before Released iPhone Almost Named “iPad” or “Tripod”? Through the iMessage group chat feature, you can make FaceTime group calls. For more details, here’s how to make FaceTime group calls on iPhone via iMessage. How to make a FaceTime group call on iPhone via iMessage Open a group chat room in the iMessage app Next, tap the camera icon in the upper-right corner of the iMessage group chat room. After that, the FaceTime group call will start immediately.

Please note, to be able to make FaceTime group calls, users need an iPhone with iOS version 12.1.4 or later. In the explanation of the method above, it was tested using an iPhone with iOS 15.5 version.

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