3 online careers, make money, year 2021,

10 online careers to make money in 2020 will help make your life easier. have more freedom by using technology to benefit life as much as possible Adjusting life to keep up with the trends of the world that are constantly changing. It will allow you to save the labor required to work and survive in the future world. Just starting, we have already developed.

Online careers in the 4.0 era are

Online careers are working and doing business through the Internet. whether it is a general commodity trading or will it be a sale digital products  to finding customers online Providing services through online systems Take a simple example, for example, the career of an online seller.

Previously, we only knew one occupation. That can make money through online channels, but at the moment the world has changed to another level. There are many different online careers. Some things are so close that we just never pay attention to them. Let’s take a look at which online career to make money will suit your lifestyle the most.

1. Online sales

Everyone probably knows this profession well. It takes diligence, stamina, and a lot of hard work for online sales. Must be ready to answer customer questions for almost 24 hours and have to keep updating products to promote regularly Do not drop items Must like to talk to customers and able to withstand the rigor of trading Can make money fast when selling products. Popular items sold include cosmetics, food, clothing, furniture, home decorations, everything imaginable. We can start by selling products on Marketplace, for example:





Another way is to create a website to sell your own products. It is another good option as well. Selling products online is good because it saves the cost of shop rental, which is a big fix cost that may prevent our business from growing.

Example 1  Online clothing seller, handmade style, super creative work. Let’s see.

2.Online Educator

Owning an online business called online teacher Focusing on selling infoproduct products or products that come from our own knowledge and experience, such as creating online courses. Or it will be a contract teaching at various locations. It is very suitable for people who have a lot of knowledge and want to share what they know with the community. for example English teacher, music teacher, or someone who has delicious recipes and delicious food. and would like to pass it on to others to people who have knowledge in art such as teaching photography, teaching how to make graphics, teaching how to make websites

try depositing a profile and then find a tutoring job Online tutoring work here >>> https://pro.donemaster.com/ signup/th/ special tutoring

Especially if it’s someone who likes to study and research information in technology as well, it’s perfect. Because it will allow us to promote more products to help. such as knowledge of making a website Writing SEO articles or maybe having knowledge in Online Marketing that will make the brand we build go far. This method can be difficult and takes a lot of time to produce products, but when we have enough fan base or customers. and the products that we do meet the needs of those customers can make money too


For people who are in the entertainment field, like comedy, have fun with life, making Youtube should be perfect for you. Make Video Content on the subject that we are interested in, and are easy to do every day. Open a channel to earn money from Youtube. The more views our video has. Our income will increase accordingly. can be both entertainment Make a fun show, Inspiration, Motivation, or an educational line, such as teaching cooking, teaching baking, teaching singing, playing music, everything.

Let’s imagine that we are doing a TV show. So what shows do we want to show our audience? What will they get from our list? Who is the audience? what kind of behavior And the important thing that is indispensable is continuity in uploading clips, using keywords in naming. and search terms If we study this a little bit more No matter what you do, it’s guaranteed that tomorrow

The income of making YouTube will come from 2 ways: from YouTube itself and from sponsors who are interested in working with us.

Example of a fun beauty YouTuber >>>  www.youtube.com/miudastyle


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