3 Ways to Rename Emails in Outlook, Yahoo, and Google Mail

Electronic Mail (Outlook, Yahoo, and Google Mail)or often referred to as email is a means of sending letters via the internet which are written digitally. Many users are figuring out how to change the email name so that they can change it as they wish.

The average new email user prefers to include a unique name. Even though when you enter the world of work, a strange email name actually makes you look unprofessional. That’s why you need to change it according to the original name so it doesn’t seem careless.

Apart from Gmail, there are many e-mail service providers that also have a sizable user base. For example, like Yahoo and Outlook. If you want to change your email name easily and doesn’t take long, consider the following brief review.

How to Change Email Name to Make it Look More Professional

The email name is different from the email account. You can change the name on the email by going through several steps. Meanwhile, the account name cannot be changed and you have to create a new one if you want to have an account as you wish. There are several ways that can be used to change the email name. Among them:

1. Rename Email in Outlook Account

Renaming Email in Outlook Account

Not only for looking for work, the use of Email is also needed for various purposes, for example for registration needs. That’s why it’s better if the email name is adjusted to the name on the identity card. As for how to change the name of the email in Outlook account is as follows:

  • Open the email page and log in by entering the correct account name and password
  • Click the avatar image located in the upper right corner, then two options will appear automatically, namely “My Profile” and “My Microsoft Account”
  • Select “My Microsoft Account” Option to edit email name
  • Click the “Your Info” tab located at the top of the old. This menu will appear after you press the “My Microsoft Account” option.
  • Click the “Edit Name” button to start the email renaming process
  • Write your first and last name according to your wishes in the column provided
  • Fill in the Captcha column according to the arrangement of the letters that appear
  • When all the fields are filled in, press the “Save” button to save your new email name changeIn contrast to changing accounts, changing email names in Outlook accounts is quite easy and doesn’t require complicated conditions. It only takes a few steps, you can change your email name quickly and safely.

    In addition to using a PC or laptop, you can also apply how to change the email name on your Outlook account on a smartphone. Just enter the email application and follow the steps mentioned above.

    2. Rename Email in Gmail Account

    Renaming Email in Gmail Account

    Gmail is one of the Electronic Email providers with the highest number of users today. How come? A Gmail account is needed to be able to access the Playstore. If you want to change the email name on your Gmail account, pay attention to the steps below.

    • Go to the email page then log in first by typing the account name and password correctly
    • In the upper right corner there is a gear icon. Just click on the icon to enter the settings menu
    • Click the “See All Settings” button which is located under the “Quick Settings” tab
    • After entering the Settings page, then click the “Accounts and Import” menu
    • Click the “Edit Info” button in the “Send mail as” column
    • Then a new page will appear to change the old email name to the new email name. All you have to do is fill in the name you want in the column provided
    • When you have finished filling in the name in the column, immediately click the “Save Changes” button to save the change process

    A name change on a Gmail account may take hours or even days. Even so, you don’t need to worry because this is still normal.

    How to change the email name using the Gmail application on a Smartphone has more or less the same steps. It’s just that you need to pay attention to the location of the menu because the location is different from the Gmail page on a PC or laptop.

3. Changing Email Name in Yahoo Account

Changing Email Name in Yahoo Account

Although currently Yahoo has lost prestige with Google, but Yahoo Mail users are still quite a lot. Yahoo makes it easy for users to change the name on the Email. However, there are still many who don’t know, so the option to change accounts is done more often.

For you Yahoo Mail users, here are simple steps that you can apply. Among them:

  • Go to the Yahoo page and log in email by writing the account name and password correctly
  • Click the avatar image located at the top right of the page, then select the “Account Info” menu
  • Click the “Personal Info” tab then click the “Edit” menu
  • On this page you can change your name and other personal information, such as changing your profile photo, changing your nickname, gender, and date of birth
  • If the editing process is complete, the last step of how to change the email name on Yahoo is to click the “Finish” button.

Changing the name on a Yahoo account is one of the easiest and not complicated. In addition to using a computer, you can also change your email name via cellphone with almost the same steps.

How to Change Gmail Email Account

How to Change Gmail Email Account

There are many reasons why users want to replace their email account with a new one. One of them is because the old account is full of junk email because it is often used for many purposes, especially those related to registration.

If you want to have a new email account, you should delete the old email. The goal is to facilitate email management because you only need to log in with one account. As for how to delete a Gmail account is as follows.

  • Enter the “Settings” menu on the device you are using
  • Then click the “Account” menu and select the “Google” menu
  • Click the name of the Gmail account that you want to delete then click “Remove Account”
  • Open the Gmail application and log in with the new accountIn addition to using the method above, you can also use this simple step. First, open the “Settings” menu then click the “Application Manager” menu. Second, search for Google Apps then select the “Clear Data” option. There will be a warning that appears, you just click the “OK” button.

    That way your old Gmail account will be deleted and you can create a new Gmail account as you wish. The steps above are different from changing the email name because basically email accounts cannot be edited. However, you can create a new account in Gmail too.

    The three ways to change the email name described above are quite easy to apply and it doesn’t take long for the email name to change. It is better to change the email name according to the account or ID card so that it gives a more professional impression and is not careless.

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