4 Play Store Alternative Apps

Play Store is a store as well as the most complete application provider used by Android users. In addition to providing, the public can also sell and distribute their applications through the Play Store. However, in some cases, an alternative Play Store application is needed to meet other needs.

Some people sometimes choose to use other applications similar to the Play Store to find certain applications. Yes, some developers choose not to release their apps to the Play Store for some reasons. For those of you who are looking for alternative Play Store applications, here are the references.

The Most Complete Alternative to Play Store Applications

1. ApkMirror


The first alternative application to replace the Play Store on this list is ApkMirror. Just like the Play Store, this application provides almost all the applications available in the Play Store application. You can even find some apps that are not released for the Play Store.

The advantage of the ApkMirror application is that there are no region restrictions. You can download any application in any region of the world. This can be a solution for those of you who might want to install an application but the application is not released or restricted in Indonesia.

Apart from that, ApkMirror is also available on the website. So if you want to save memory usage, you can access it via . However, this method may be less effective because you have to manually install the downloaded application.

Although the ApkMirror application does not have regional boundaries and frees its users to download applications from any part of the world, the security of this application is very good.

The developer still imposes strict requirements on application developers who want to upload applications on ApkMirror. There will be various verifications including the signature of the developer himself. So there is no need to worry about fake applications and other digital crimes.

2. Amazon Store


Another application that you can use instead of the Play Store is the Amazon Store. This application is an application developed by the giant company Amazon. Here, you can search and download millions of interesting apps just like the Play Store.

The appearance of this application is very distinctive like other Amazon services. The combination of yellow and dark blue gives an elegant impression like other Amazon applications. The user experience presented by this website is also quite easy. Those of you who are familiar with the Play Store will definitely have no trouble.

The advantage of the Amazon Store is that for paid applications, you can get it at a relatively cheaper price compared to other places including the Play Store. So for those of you who want to buy certain paid applications and want to save money, buy them at the Amazon Store.

Unfortunately the applications available on the Amazon Store are not very complete, although the number is still large. There are several applications in the Play Store that are not available here, for example the most popular chat application WhatsApp.

So if you want to download a particular app on the Amazon Store, first check if the app is available in this store.

Amazon Store is available in web form, so you don’t have to bother installing the application first because you can directly download the application from the web and then install it manually.

For security issues, no need to doubt. Amazon is a big company that has guaranteed security. All applications in the Amazon Store must have been filtered strictly first so that there are no viruses or applications that can harm users.

3. QooApp


For mobile gamers, playing the latest games with high quality has its own satisfaction. But unfortunately some good game developers don’t release their games globally first and choose to release them with a narrower scope.

As a result, the game was not available on the Play Store for a long time. If you feel that way, maybe you can try an app called QooApp. This application is an alternative application to the Play Store that is more inclined to the field of mobile games.

In this application, you can find cool games that are not in the Play Store. The games released in this application are generally games that are only released for Japan, China and Korea. However, it is possible for games that are released globally but are not available on the Play Store.

Although it resembles the Play Store, QooApp has many features that the Play Store does not have. These features can help you find the best games that you can’t find on the Play Store. Some of the features of QooApp include:


The QooApp application has its own column for the latest game news. Here you can follow news about your favorite games as well as news about world game developments. But most of what appears here are games from Asia.

By monitoring the news from the News column on QooApp, you can find out about what games are currently hot, the most anticipated games of the year, and games that have won awards.

Featured Games

The Featured Games feature is a kind of storefront that groups the best games in a certain period of time. So if you are confused about what game to play, you can just choose a game from the featured games column. The quality of the games is definitely guaranteed because they are grouped based on certain ratings.

There are games with the most downloads, best ratings, or games that have just been released and get a lot of attention. There are also games that are grouped by certain events. Like Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day.

Group Chat

This is also a very interesting feature of QooApp. In the group chat feature, you can chat with other QooApp users from all over the world. Here can be your place to find information or just discuss about the latest games.

The features of this chat itself are quite good. You can find the basic features of a chat application such as saving contacts, creating groups, and exploring existing contacts.

To use QooApp, you have to download it from the many links available on the internet.

4. Pure Apk


Apk Pure is an alternative Play Store application that is very widely used today. This application provides millions of applications, all of which you can also find in the Play Store application. So you can use this application if at any time your Play Store application has an error.

Apk Pure has a very good security system. So for those of you who intend to download applications from Apk Pure and still have doubts, clear your doubts because this application has security similar to the Play Store.

You will not find applications with viruses or that contain phishing, scamming and other digital crimes.

The system in Apk Pure is quite good. You can still rate apps based on the available ratings for each app, view a description of each app, view the version, and much more.

The drawback of the Pure Apk may be in terms of the user interface which is much different from the Play Store so those of you who are not used to it may take time to adapt first. The Pure Apk itself is available in two versions, namely the website version and the application version.

If you don’t mind using your smartphone’s internal memory, you can install the mobile version of Apk Pure. Because this is considered more efficient, especially for application installation. But if your cellphone memory is not sufficient, then just use the website version.

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