6 New Facebook Features to Protect User Privacy

In the framework of Privacy Month, Meta provides a number of new features to maintain the privacy of Facebook users . What are these features?
Arianne Jimenez, Privacy and Public Policy, APAC, Meta explained in a virtual press conference that was held on Friday . In total there are six new features set up for transparency and control of user data.

“We build tools to be more transparent to people and give them control over how their data is used, and we design each new product and feature with privacy in mind,” Arianne explained at the event.

Here are 6 new features of Facebook to protect the privacy of its users

Privacy Checkup

In this feature, users can see what data is shared, how to keep their account secure, and how other people can find that data on the Facebook page.

Access Your Information

This feature provides a summary of user profile information that can be accessed at any time. The types of information have also been categorized in each profile, and there is also a search feature to make it easier to search for these data categories.

Manage Activity

There is an archived control that is used to organize content so that it can’t be seen by others, but still wants to be saved by the user. There are also controls for deleting such data. Then, deleted content can be recovered within 30 days if the user changes their mind.

Ad Preferences

With regard to transparency in the ads displayed, users can find out why certain ads are shown on their pages through the ‘Why Am I Seeing This Ad’ feature.

Off Facebook Activity

Data from Facebook that is shared to other apps and websites can be controlled through this feature. Users can disconnect from other applications or websites through this feature.

Data Portability

Through this feature, users can move their data, especially photos, to other services such as Google Photos and Dropbox.
Data privacy must be maintained like a home.
During the same event, Noudhy Valdryno, Public Policy Manager for Meta Indonesia, explained another campaign held by Facebook, namely Your Profile, Your Home.

Your Profile Campaign, Your Home, is an interactive website that will guide users to build a home with customizable protection.

For example, how do users set the level of privacy on their respective social media accounts? While playing, users can also learn about the features available on Facebook to strengthen the privacy of their accounts.

“We certainly want to keep our homes safe, we must have the same mindset as accounts on digital media. Maintaining data privacy is as important as keeping our homes. The more privacy features you activate, the more secure your profile will automatically be,

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