7 Ways to Check Complete iPhone IMEI

sHow to Check iPhone IMEI – There are many black markets in Indonesia, including a black market for well-known cellphones such as the iPhone.

Usually, iPhones that come from the black market don’t have an IMEI listed. It’s good for you to find a way to check iPhone IMEI.

Because the Indonesian government is massively deactivating cellphones that don’t have a registered IMEI.

So, how to check IMEI iPhone is registered or not in Indonesia?

7 Ways to Check iPhone IMEI

1. How to Check IMEI on Dusbook

The first way you can do to check the IMEI of the iPhone is to check the box. It is well known that on the back of any cell phone box there is some pretty complete and important information. Some of them are SN numbers, and SKU numbers, and this includes IMEI numbers.

If you still have the iPhone box that you bought, you can directly check the iPhone IMEI number there. After you find the IMEI in the box, please match it with the IMEI number on the phone.

2. Check IMEI in System Settings

The next way to check the official iPhone IMEI is to use the settings system. The method is as follows:

  • Open the settings menu or settings on the iPhone you have
  • From the settings menu, please select General or General.
  • From the general menu a new page will appear, select About or About.
  • Once About is selected, you will get complete information about the iPhone you have. Starting from the complete specifications to the IMEI number.

3. Check IMEI on the back of the phone

The next way you can do to check IMEI is to look at the IMEI number on the back of the cellphone. Usually, iPhones with type series 5, 5C, 5S, 6, and 6+ will have an IMEI number behind them. Try checking the back of the iPhone that you have now.

Usually there is some information from the city of manufacture of the iPhone, the model, to the IMEI number.

4. Check IMEI on Apple’s Web

You can use this method if the iPhone is not in your hands. So, for example, if your iPhone is borrowed or left behind, but you are in a hurry to see the IMEI number, you can check the iPhone IMEI on the Apple website.

Here’s the full tutorial:

  • Go to the website appleid.apple.com
  • Log in to the site using the Apple ID that you use on your iPhone device
  • There will be a page containing several options, select the Device section to view the IMEI/IMEID number of your  device.

5. Check IMEI in SIM Card Slot

There are several types of iPhone series that store their IMEI number in the SIM card slot. Usually, the type of iPhone that does this is the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 (with GSM model), and 4S.

How to check it is quite easy. you only need to remove the SIM card first, then you can see the IMEI number and serial number.

6. Check Via Dial Code

The next way to check the IMEI of the iPhone is to use the dial code. The trick is to simply enter *#06# in the iPhone phone menu that you have. Later the IMEI and IMEID will come out if the iPhone you have is indeed registered.

7. Check Through Finder or iTunes

You can also find the IMEI number through the Finder and iTunes. The method is as follows:

Connect your iPhone to your computer

  • Open Finder or iTunes
  • If in the Finder, please find your device in the general tab. Meanwhile, via iTunes, please find your device in the Summary Tab

IMEIi is very useful for checking the authenticity of the iPhone in your hands now. Because, there are so many illegal goods scattered in Indonesia.

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