Best Antivirus Software of 2022: To Keep You Safe Online This Year!

All Windows machines need a good antivirus program to stay safe from malware and other online dangers. Although the additional functions offered by premium antivirus software are sufficient to prevent infection on your PC, they are more than what Microsoft Defender offers.

A VPN, a password manager, parental controls, and identity-theft protection are typically included in premium and mid-range security suites, all at a lower cost than buying each item separately.

Although each Windows antivirus product on our list has a different malware detection engine, the capabilities justify the price differences.

A company that sells antivirus software might offer a free version, a basic paid version, a midrange program with additional capabilities, and a top-of-the-line package with all the bells and whistles. In addition to those, you may frequently find Mac antivirus software, Android antivirus programs, and iOS security apps.

This page is a list of the best virus protection software and a list of the best premium antivirus products.

Which antivirus program is the best?

Norton 360 plus LifeLock Select offers great malware protection and a ton of extra features like Unrestricted VPN & LifeLock Identity Protection, making it our top pick for such great antivirus software. But all that comes at a price: $99 for the first year, $150 for renewal.

This entry-level Bitdefender Antivirus Plus package is the most affordable value in antivirus software, starting at just $20 for the first year ($40 for renewal). For much less money than Norton, it offers many features such as ransomware protection, a file shredder, a private browser, a Wi-Fi network analyzer, and a password manager.

Windows Defender is the best free antivirus program on the market right now if you want to save some money. Although it is not as good as Norton, it outperforms many expensive tools in detecting viruses. There are a few extras, but not much, including parental settings, gaming mode, and security for Microsoft’s Edge browser.

You can choose from these three, but the best option will depend on your situation. See the section below on how to find the best antivirus program or check out our buying guide for standalone antivirus software.

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The top antivirus program available today:

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe

The powerful malware protection provided by all Norton antivirus programs is combined with a significantly reduced system performance load. Each package has a different number of added functions, but Norton 360 Deluxe is the best option.

It comes with a universal password manager, unlimited VPN service, dark web personal data monitoring, parental controls, and up to 50GB of online storage. Norton 360 Premium & Norton 360 Platinum are two options that give you additional online storage and increase Antivirus & VPN coverage by 10 & 20 respectively.

Norton offers three packages with LifeLock service enhancements. While their monthly costs are far from triple digits, they’re cheaper than buying antivirus software, identity protection, password managers, and cloud storage separately. Even additional online storage if you want complete identity protection.

Unlike other top antivirus software makers, Norton doesn’t include a file shredder, file encryption, or private web browser in any of their solutions. However, all other digital protection services are offered at least as part of many of its bundles.

McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security

Although McAfee’s detection method has improved significantly over the past few years, it’s still not at the top of its game.

Despite this, the basic version of McAfee AntiVirus Plus is cheap: the software for up to 10 (actually, unlimited) Windows, macOS, iOS or Android devices can be purchased for $60 per year. It includes a two-way firewall and a file shredder.

You’ll need to shell out for McAfee Total Protection or its sibling, McAfee LiveSafe, which comes pre-installed on many new PCs. Parental controls or to adopt one of the industry’s leading password managers.

Multi-device licenses of these two security suites also include an identity-protection service. However, McAfee doesn’t offer any of the webcam or secure browser security that you often get with other high-end antivirus software.

The best option includes McAfee Total Protection Ultimate, which also offers unlimited VPN service without restrictions. Hardcore PC gamers may want to look into McAfee Gamer Security; It provides low-overhead security at $60 per rig per year.

Trend Micro Antivirus

Antivirus Software: Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security provides simple yet effective protection, and its user-friendly interface explains all its settings in simple language without using technical terms.

Primary independent test labs give the app’s antivirus engine top marks. It produced some impressive results in recent evaluations, with the slight caveat that some tests revealed that it generated fewer false positives than leading competitors. But with the Trend Micro, we haven’t found this to be a problem. Antivirus Software + Security’s anti-ransomware defense was also noted as a strength.

According to AV-Comparatives, this antivirus is currently the best at stopping phishing websites. It also offers great web browsing protection, including Pay Guard, which creates a secure environment for things like online banking.

Any weaknesses? This program is more for beginners than specialists. So, the system is slower than some competitors and doesn’t have as many options or features. Of course, higher-end security suites like Trend Micro offer even better features.

Parental controls and social media protection measures are in the next tier package, Trend Micro Internet Security. However, for most people, Trend Micro Maximum Security, which provides protection for Mac and mobile devices in addition to Windows (plus, it adds a password manager and a secure file vault), will be a little extra.

Avast One

Avast One

While most of the 2022 updates on this list are surface-level, Avast has completely rewritten the code for its latest release, Avast One.

Avast One extends the company’s well-known free antivirus by adding new functions.

Whether you go for the free or the upgraded version, the program is currently well-liked by independent testing laboratories, putting it at the top of the heap in real-world malware checks and anti-phishing tasks.

A basic firewall and data breach detection will notify you if your online accounts are compromised. Apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS are all advantages.

So why should they spend money on Avast One? This includes a VPN from the respected HideMyAss with a substantial 5GB weekly allocation. It has tune-up tools, webcam protection, ad blockers, malicious URL blocking, and much more. Assuming you don’t need one of those special add-ons. We recommend choosing a more feature-rich internet security package or sticking with the free Essentials download.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Antivirus Software: BitDefender Antivirus

Best antivirus software, BitDefender beats some tough competitors without charging exorbitant membership fees.

So why is it so good? First of all, Bitdefender’s number of functions is great. You get Safepay online banking protection, which is almost the safest browser and protects you from all sides. Even if you choose the entry-level Bitdefender Antivirus Plus program. A decent VPN with a 200MB daily limit, a vulnerability scanner or a password manager is available.

BitDefender is incredibly user-friendly with a smooth and balanced interface that works for both experienced antivirus users and novices looking to make changes.

The firm also offers more complete suites with BitDefender Internet Security. It offers all the above-mentioned things and solutions to make your computer run faster and help recover lost or stolen mobile devices.

As the company’s flagship product, BitDefender Total Security includes advanced PC maintenance tools. It supports Windows and Mac computers, Android and iOS devices and is a one-stop shop for your family’s online security needs.

Sophos Home Premium

Sophos Home Premium

Sophos Home Premium does its job efficiently and affordably by providing adequate malware protection.

It lacks features included in other security suites, including a password manager, identity theft protection service or VPN service, as it is a spinoff from Sophos’ corporate product for business clients.

Provisions on Sophos include ransomware rollbacks, webcam protection, security against keyloggers, dangerous websites, boot sector malware and fileless malware. Additionally, it contains a parental web filter system and an online administration dashboard where you can change most of the settings.

Some people may expect more from an antivirus program. But anyone who wants to buy only what they need will appreciate Sophos’ focus on essentials.

Premium ESET Smart Security

Antivirus software: Premium ESET Smart Security

One of Europe’s most well-known antivirus brands, ESET has a very low system performance load and performs fast scans. In recent lab testing, its malware detection rate has improved significantly from its previous mediocre status.

Although the basic ESET NOD32 antivirus is simple, it lacks additional useful tools. With ESET security-software licenses for Mac, Android and Linux devices. ESET Internet Security includes webcam protection, parental controls, and browser hardening.

File encryption or password manager is the most expensive ESET Smart Security Premium package. There is no VPN client, backup program, or file shredder.

ESET’s per-device pricing structure is ideal for customers who need to secure multiple devices. But if your number of devices is more than 10, ESET’s prices may increase.

The decision

If you’re looking for the best protection for your Internet devices, you’ve come to the right place. We checked all the top antivirus service providers to create a list of the best.

The first step to staying safe online is getting antivirus software. This is your best defense against online fraudsters trying to access your gadgets for financial gain.

Although the nature and ultimate goals of the virus have evolved, the main goal is to steal your money. Threats can come in many forms, but in general, Trojans, malware, and ransomware steal your data or cause enough damage to your system. You will have to pay a steep amount to fix it. There are also outright scammers.

Since you’ve found this page, you probably already understand why virus protection is such an important tool, we’re not trying to scare you. Fortunately, leading antivirus companies offer exceptional security, additional features to protect you from scammers, and simple installation and use. Here are our top picks for the best Mac antivirus that will protect your Windows and Android devices.

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