Build a Music Studio at Home Without Draining Your Pockets

Building a music studio at home can be an expensive project and can drain your savings. However, it can be an easy and inexpensive affair when you know what is needed and what to do. If you already have a computer and software, music production can be the initial capital to build a music studio at home, just choose the type of hardware needed for your studio.

Music studios generally need a MIDI controller , a good pair of headphones or speakers and if you want to record live sound like vocals or guitar, you’ll also need an audio interface and a microphone to store the sound onto your computer.

peaker VS Studio Monitor
If you don’t have the expertise, you don’t necessarily need high-end studio speakers , so it’s wise to invest in a set of speakers that gives you lots of ideas for what you want to produce. Studio monitors are speakers built to provide an accurate representation of the sound you create, resulting in a flat sounding sound. While a pair of home theater speakers or computer speakers produce a more colorful sound that makes it sound more attractive to the ear.

Audio Interface
One important and often overlooked part of a home music studio is an audio interface , which provides a connection route for sound in and out of your computer. The computer may have an audio interface or something, but you may not have some input connections such as for microphones or other instruments. Here you need to know exactly what will be connected in your studio, so you can buy an audio interface that suits your needs.

MIDI Control
MIDI controllers or keyboards are now available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. If you’re a professional keyboard or piano player you might want to invest in something nice and perfect, but some consider the price more and the 25 – key keyboard plays its part well in fulfilling all wishes. This is quite useful if you want to use the controller to change the virtual keys in your music software .

In choosing a Midi Control the first factor to consider is convenience and don’t be too influenced by the number of keys . You don’t necessarily need 88 keys , because 25 keys might work well for you. Then consider the size and choose the one that fits your studio desk and preferably, avoid overly complicated MIDI controllers . A simple midi controller is easier to use for study and work.

If you are a beginner in making music, the advantage that you can enjoy now is that the price is increasingly affordable. With the help of a computer and some software  , it can be a good starting capital to produce music like a pro at a lower cost than if you did it a decade ago.

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