Effective Ways to Save MacBook Battery

 A Powerful Way to Save MacBook Battery. Apple-designed the MacBook laptop device with a quality battery that lasts up to half a day or even more. This is done to support the international go green program and assist user mobility. The very efficient MacBook battery cannot be separated from the combination and integration of Apple hardware and software that can work very optimally.

This is very rare in such manufacturers. However, MacBook users still want their MacBook batteries to be even more efficient. Here will be presented Tips on Effective Ways to Save MacBook Battery.

Tips on Effective Ways to Save MacBook Battery

Reduce the Number of App Logins

The Login App is an application that will run immediately when you first turn on Mac OS X or macOS. However, sometimes there are applications that are not important that are also included in the Login App, this is what makes MacBook battery power wasteful. You can set Login App manually, or the app will run automatically on reinstall.

Close the Application After Finishing Use

When you click the red (x) icon in the window control section, the window will close. But will the MacBook app also close? It’s not necessarily possible that the application is still running in the background. How do you know if the application is closed or not? The trick is to just look at the dot icon in the Mac Dock section, if there is still a dot or dot under the application icon, it means the application is still running. Immediately right click to close the application.

Matikan Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi requires battery power to work. So turning off Wi-Fi after not using it anymore can save battery power.

Turn off Bluetooth

You can turn off Bluetooth immediately after not using it because Bluetooth drains the battery faster. MacBook will continuously search for nearby Bluetooth devices, and that search process is consuming battery power.

Dim the Brightness of the Light

The MacBook’s screen brightness level certainly improves battery usage as well. Set the screen brightness level that is comfortable for the eyes, not too dim because it makes the eyes tired quickly.

Don’t Use For Heavy Work

Heavy work like playing games and editing videos are activities that drain battery power.

Remove All External Peripherals

External peripheral devices such as USB, Flashdisk, external mouse, external hard drive and others also suck the battery. Remove it from the MacBook immediately after use.

Turn off Power Nap

Power Nap is a very useful feature because various activities can be carried out in a sleep position. Such as receiving emails, synchronizing contacts and calendars, and so on. But this feature also uses a lot of energy, so only activate Poer Nap when the battery is charging.

Enable Sleep When Not In Use

Put on Sleep Mode when the MacBook is not in use.

Those are tips & tricks on how to save a Macbook battery. May be useful.

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