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Because it is still counted as one of the new games, the number of Free Fire players is still increasing. Garena itself as a Free Fire developer also continues to provide various updates for this game, such as providing the Free Fire (FF) Advance Server Apk.

Free Fire games can be downloaded from the Play Store. But not all the features in the game can be used freely by the players, unless the players use the advance server.

Tujuan Advance Server di Game Free Fire

There have been 2 waves of advance servers opened by Garena. Registration for the second batch will take place from May to June 2021. This news was conveyed by Garena Free Fire through their Instagram platform.

The purpose of opening this advance server is as a form of feedback from Garena for Free Fire survivors. Players can find out which features are the most updated and will be released on Free Fire before these features can be found on the main Free Fire server.

Players who use the advance server can try out and enjoy many of the newest features for free. There are weapons, skins, and various other features that are not yet available in the official FF app.

Prizes from Garena in Advance Server Free Fire



In addition to the main goal of the latest features, players who use this advance server apk also have the opportunity to win prizes. There is a prize prepared by Garena as much as 3,000 Diamonds which is equivalent to Rp. 300,000.

The prize will be given to players who can find bugs in the Free Fire game. The bugs found must have a value that greatly affects the course of the game. No wonder many FF players are interested in entering the advance server.

If you are interested in trying Free Fire (FF) Advance Server Apk, you must first register using your Facebook account.

Register and Download Advance Server Wave 2

Unlike playing Free Fire in general, you need to get an apk file that can be used to try to play Free Fire advance server. But this apk file is not like other apk files which are easy to find on the internet, because you have to get it directly from Garena.

And to get the advanced server apk file, you must register first. Registration can only be done if you already have a Facebook account. So if you don’t have a Facebook account, make sure you create one first, then follow these steps.

  • Run a web browser on the Android device you are using, you can also use a web browser on a PC. 
  • After the website opens, you will see an advance server page containing explanations such as the definition, purpose, and rules for using the advance server. Click or tap on the Facebook Login button available at the top or bottom of the page.
  • Fill in your personal data completely , as requested. You can enter your name, email, and mobile number. Next, just click or tap the Join Now button which will open after you have successfully logged in.
  • Wait a moment until Garena states that your account registration process has been successful. If you pass the registration, you will be immediately redirected to the Apk Download page .
  • Just tap or click the available Download button to start the download process. After the apk file is successfully downloaded, move it to your Android device . Perform the installation process so that the application can be used immediately.

Later you will get an activation code for the latest advance server. The code is given directly by Garena Free Fire. You can use this code to log in to the advance server application after the application is installed on the Android device.

After entering this advance server application, you can start playing, try to find bugs and then report them to Garena. Give feedback regarding the latest features from Garena, who knows you might be lucky to win Diamonds for your Free Fire account.

The difference between Ordinary FF and FF Advance Server Apk


At first glance, these two Free Fire applications do look the same. But actually there are various differences that you can find between the two applications. In fact, there is a difference that is quite real and felt that you can feel, especially if you have been playing this Free Fire game for a long time.

The difference between the Free Fire (FF) Advance Server Apk and the usual Free Fire application can also be felt before you start using the advance server. Here are some of the differences between the two Garena Free Fire apps.

Free Fire Biasa Free Fire Advance Server
Can be found on the Play Store. Players must register first at a predetermined time to be able to download an apk-shaped application from Garena, not through the Play Store.
It can be downloaded and played by anyone who is interested. It can only be used by Free Fire players who have registered for a Facebook account and who have passed registration on the Garena website.
The application is stable and there are no noticeable glitches while playing the Free Fire game. There are often glitches and problems because this app has content with the status still in the testing phase. This is still because Garena is still developing it.

The last difference may be a little disturbing for your comfort when playing the Free Fire game. But indeed that is what makes this advance server special, considering that the main purpose of an advance server is to find out if there are important bugs in Free Fire.

Your goal should be the same as Garena’s main goal. Don’t just focus on playing the Free Fire game. Try to find various bugs and feel free to report them to Garena. You will get Diamonds and Garena will find a solution to the problem in FF.

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