How to Make Money from Tiktok Lite

How To Make Money From Tiktok Lite Without Inviting Friends – There is one application that provides short videos that are currently booming, namely the application is tiktok lite which in this application promises an offer for those of you who like to watch videos but are given a gift in the form of points that you can cash out. The reason is that this TikTok application is one of the money-making applications that is proven to pay in 2021. Of course, during this covid-19 pandemic, most people use this application to earn additional income.
The tiktok lite application is actually still the same as the original version of the tiktok application, but this original tiktok application requires large files. Tiktok lite is a money-making application that only requires watching videos, you can get points that you can exchange to bank accounts, OVO accounts, and DANA accounts that you have linked to the tiktok lite application. The way it works is quite easy for the events provided by the tiktok party, namely you need to be active for 30 days to watch videos on the tiktok lite application.

One of them is making money on a cellphone or smartphone, in this article you will know how to get points that you can exchange into money from tiktok lite without having to invite friends. Basically, those of you who want to get points from this tiktok need to enter a friend’s invitation code, but as for ways that don’t have to use the invitation code, keep reading this article carefully and the explanation below

TikTok Lite Money Maker
The original version of Tiktok and the lite version of Tiktok is an application that can earn money to add to our income, this application is greatly utilized by many people, especially Indonesian citizens. You just invite your friends who haven’t downloaded the tiktok lite application to be able to use it, which will get coins given by the tiktok lite team and can be disbursed through fund accounts, ovo, or bank accounts.

In this tiktok lite event you will get 10,000 coins if your friends use your invitation code. If your friends are active every day, then your coins will increase by 60,000 per invite. For this original or pro version of tiktok, you will get 120,000 coins for everyone who has used your invitation code.

Can You Make Money From Tiktok Lite Without Inviting Friends?

There are those who ask questions about whether they can make money from tiktok without having to invite friends, of course the answer is yes. You will get money without having to invite your friends, just watch the videos in the tiktok lite application. When you watch the video, you will be given coins which can later be converted into money. You need to know that just watching the video will not get the same amount of coins you invite friends using your invitation code.

Maybe those of you who don’t want to lose by using an invitation code from your friend, you can do this by just watching the video. Like the previous explanation that if we use your friend’s invitation code, you will benefit your friend.

If you watch videos on tiktok lite every day, your friends will get 60,000 coins where every user of the invitation code every day watching the video will enter the coin to your friend who has the invitation code that you input on the tiktok lite account.

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