How To Make Money Online

In addition to the big and high-paying jobs on the Internet, you can also make money by doing small tasks. In the language of the Internet, they are called microscasing. Every small task will earn you a small amount of money. If you continue to earn money, it will be a good amount of money throughout the month.

This is a huge change due to the internet which is reducing the workload from 9 am to 5 pm and most of the companies are now hiring freelancers which saves them a lot and makes the work better. I become more satisfying.


  1. Swagbuks

It is one of the most popular micro-tasking websites in the world. One of the reasons for its popularity is that not only are there hundreds of types of micro-jobs, but the remuneration rate is also quite reasonable. Earn Points by Working These tasks include online shopping, watching videos, participating in surveys, browsing websites on the Internet and playing online games. Your earned points can be transferred to Gift Cards or PayPal accounts as money. can go.

  1. My Points

This website is also known as Cash Bank Shopping Portal but you can earn money by playing online games, watching videos or participating in surveys on this website as soon as you are successful in registering on this website. At the same time you get a bonus of ten dollars which is in addition to the compensation for micro-tasking.

  1. Survey Junkie

Most of the surveys placed on this website are very low paid but if you take some time you can choose the best paid surveys from here and earn twelve dollars or more per hour.

  1. EarnCrypto

Everything you earn by doing small things from this website is in the form of some kind of cryptocurrency. When you sign in after registering here, then immediately after that you can choose according to your choice or convenience. One has to choose a cryptocurrency. The most popular of these are Ethereum Bitcoin and Ripple. The easiest thing to do in Micro Jazz here is to watch the video because one by one the videos on this site play automatically. You don’t even have to press the Next button, just sit in front of the computer screen and watch videos and keep making money. If you just want to make money with your computer on, Earn Crypto may be your choice.

  1. Vindale Research

This is also a micro-tasking website that is primarily concerned with survey work. The good thing about Wendell Research is that as soon as you register here, you get a ڈالر 2 bonus. Another benefit is this. That you can do the same survey here several times in one day, sometimes you get up to ڈالر 50 a day from the survey company.


Short Task is a shining star on the horizon of websites. Here too you can earn a few dollars by answering questions about feedback, doing survey forms, watching videos and doing small things like free trial offers as this website It is new so there are very few jobs available here but it is also gaining momentum.


Apart from paying for work, the referral program here is also excellent. The advantage of this website is that The tasks that go are almost as simple as watching videos, taking surveys, listening to the radio and completing free offer forms. There are many functions available and you can earn up to ڈالر 15 per hour if you start here. 9. CoinBucks

This website pays you in the form of bitcoins for small tasks. Here you also have to fill out survey forms and free trial offer forms and also download apps from this website which you earn most of the money. Yes, they are available for downloading free apps. After registering on this site, download the app on your smartphone via the link given here, open it and you will be paid in the form of bitcoin.

10 Gift Hulk

This is another easy and popular short tasks website that registers people from all over the world who can make money sitting at home. There are a lot of fun jobs here and it works just like a swag box. You can earn money by participating in the polls, playing online games or on survey forms, and yes, under their referral program, you can earn extra income by making your friends members. The good thing is that you can work here all the time. Keeps stockpiling.


Note: Before choosing any website that pays for small tasks, make sure that the platform has a good reputation in terms of payment while the money earned from there can be transferred to your account in a timely and easy manner

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