Key to raising awareness among children about the use of new technologies

We are worried about being late for work, but when we are walking for ten minutes and are about to arrive at the metro station, we forget that we have left our mobile phone at the entrance of the house and we have to go back, even if it is assumed that, now, we are going to be late for work.

Despite this, we return to the mobile, because we cannot separate ourselves from this object for the whole morning. When you finally reach the stop, you enter the subway car and realize that no one is watching you because all the passengers are crestfallen. Kids, teens, adults… no matter the age, everyone is looking at some electronic device.

Parents calm their children’s tantrums by mobile or tablet, people talk on the phone, ears with helmets, people photographed with famous selfies… it seems we don’t realize that we are Losing lives is an enormity of details that pass before us and we are unable to feel them because we are permanently focusing our attention on a screen that immerses us in virtual reality, Appear very similar to the real one, but it is far from being. It is necessary to make children aware of this context for the good use of new technologies .

Social networks: a niche of true or false friendship?

We believe we have hundreds and thousands of virtual friends, a concept very different from “lifelong friends”. A friend is someone you share your time with to hang out, do sports, go to countless places, drink something at the bar, talk in the park… but not the one you like in one of your photos. We do. Social networks, contrary to what we tend to believe, favor the deterioration of human relationships, as we tend to associate more with “virtual friends” who are face-to-face.

Parents make use of these techniques and make them available to their children for only a few years of life. It’s not strange to see how two-year-olds manage their pills better than many adults. The problem is that if a child who has some difficulties in communicating is given too many hours of exposure to new technologies from early childhood, instead of helping you develop their social skills, we will not be able to help them in the future. will potentially contribute to the development of Internet addiction.

Dedicating time to your children from a young age and going to the park encourages the development of social skills, supports face-to-face relationships, fosters cooperative play, and more importantly limits the hours of contact How to decide? new technologies.

Children are eager to have a mobile phone which is getting smaller and smaller, but what they do not know is the number of things that will be lost by incorporating that device into their lives. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that excessive use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, or mobile phones can produce changes such as sleep disorders, aggression, and difficulties in language development.

Risks of abusing new technologies in childhood

It is clear that new technologies have made many advances in communication, industry, commerce and it is very important what is medicine, but we must not forget the risks that can arise from their irresponsible use.

The disadvantages of new technologies appear when they are misused. In recent years we have heard of cyberbullying or terms like cyberbullying, grooming, carding, phishing or pharming. Well, for those who do not know them, about the crimes committed through new technologies, it is often used as a means through which to insult, threaten, harass, or con.

Many times we are not aware of the danger that social networks are in society, and also in the lives of children. We share everything we do, where we are, where we come from, where we are going, and there is a great deal of risk involved.

It is important to make us aware that something that was designed to make our lives easier can complicate it. We devote many hours of our day to social networks and, what’s that for? We go to a concert and all we think about is the artist recording so we can share it online, we meet our idol in the street and exchange a few words with it, We just take a picture and share it on Instagram. Experiment, visit a group of friends at a time and see if none of them have a phone on the table or are using it. But what exactly do we mean by enjoying? Let’s stop thinking and let others think.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend a short film which captures the concerns expressed.

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