Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia once presented a lot of good models. This includes a whole range of devices belonging to the Classic name. Among them is the topic of today’s review – “Nokia 2700”, photo of which you can see in this article. Many people noticed this. Apparently, the design was copied by the developers from the model 6700. A similar trend is observed not only in the Finnish manufacturer. The same can be said about Motorola.

As for copying the design


nokia 2700

Have you ever seen artists who stand in similar buildings in Moscow, outwardly imitating Stalin or Lenin? These actors are available and popular, they can be photographed, but they didn’t have immense popularity, no, and probably won’t. Here’s the thing about the junior models of mobile phones that get their design, as they say, from legacy. We can say that the main device, which gives rise to such an exceptional sub-line, provides the demand for young devices. But he will never be obscured by himself, no matter how many of them there are.

As always the instruction is the main component supplied. Together with its documentation the composition carries a guarantee period of one year (factory). If desired, the mobile salon will be issued a firm guarantee, which will extend for another year. The package also includes documents on the device itself, in addition to it a lithium-ion battery, a volume (MicroSD standard) of 1 gigabyte memory map (capacity of 1050 milliamperes per hour), a wired stereo headset as well as good quality standard charger.

design, appearance


nokia 2700 pictures

“Nokia 2700”, reviews about which you can find at the end of the article, is nothing more than the most ordinary candy bar. The device weighs 85 grams with the proper dimensions: 109.2 mm in height, 46 mm in width and 14 mm in thickness. There are no straight corners. All of them are nicely smoothed out for the convenience of using the phone.  That’s why the bottom of the body is narrower than the top, but the device is completely handheld and in a secure position.

A few words about specific dimensions and carrying


Nokia 2700 Review

Due to such a mass with other relevantparameters the device turned out to be quite heavy. This is why some users may find the shirt unsuitable for transport in pockets, for example.

chrome plated mix and building materials


Nokia 2700 Specifications

Manufactured “Nokia 2700”, repair of which can be done with the help of a guarantee coupon made of plastic. As of Chrome there are hidden elements. However, in reality, these inserts are nothing more than the usual reclaimed matte plastic. On the mobile market, the Nokia 2700 phone comes in only one color. This, of course, is a classic black color.

There are several modifications of this model. For example, 2730. It has an improved stuffing that allows you to make calls in third-generation cellular networks. Well, this phone is made in a different color design.

rear panel


nokia 2700 repair

What can we see from behind? Here we have the main camera module. It has a resolution equal to 2 megapixels. The eye of the camera is made of the same chrome-plated plastic as similar inserts in other places. Below you can see the name of the brand, as well as the decorative insert. For sound dynamics engineers decided to make a special hole. It is also located low. The grid has turned out in this direction. Why is it like this? Well, in any case, there were practical reasons for this. The fact is that the device, if it is a speaker on a table, will clearly work in this respect, since the element itself does not overlap with the surface. As a result, sound waves propagate, we can say, in normal mode.

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