Overcome Full Memory on Android

Many smartphone users complain that their phone memory is full. Memory on a cell phone is like a human brain that can store data or files. Although small in size, the storage is very large. The memory can be full if too much data is stored, thus making the smartphone lag. For that, we need a tutorial to overcome full memory on Android so that lag does not occur.

Memory on the phone is divided into two types, namely internal and external memory. Internal memory is a subordinate memory on the phone, while external memory is an additional memory that is embedded. Then, what if the phone’s internal memory is full?

Tutorial Overcome Full Memory on Android

Before following the tutorial overcome full memory on Android. Know some of the applications that are being used, because usually these applications are sometimes not really needed. Also, be aware of applications that use too much memory. Here’s how to fix your phone’s memory if it’s too full.

1. Routinely clear cache

One way to deal with full memory is to regularly clear the app cache. The cache itself is the rest of the data that is not used. So, how to do this? First, go to the “settings” section. Then select the “app management” menu. Once logged in, click on all frequently accessed apps. Continue to click the “storage usage” menu. And in it there is an option “clear cache”, click the menu.

2. Avoid installing heavy apps

Playstore does have a variety of applications and games that are often helpful. Unfortunately, smartphone users often don’t realize that the installed applications take up too much memory. For this reason, it is recommended to look for alternative applications that have smaller file sizes before downloading them.

3. Switch to Whatsapp

Almost all smartphone users use the Whatsapp application. For that, the next step in the tutorial to overcome full memory on Android is to switch to Whatsapp. The first is to turn off auto-download from media to WhatsApp. Because if it is not turned off, if someone sends a photo or video it will be downloaded immediately. Automatically will also fill the phone’s internal memory.

The second is to back up chats and media to Google drive. So no need to worry if the memory is full or if delete some files from Whatsapp. If you want to find a file, just visit Google Drive and the saved data will not be lost.

4. Move to external memory

The internal memory is full due to a large number of installed applications. For that, there are two ways to keep it from getting too full, the first is by uninstalling the application and moving the application to external memory. Before moving some applications, make sure the memory used is large enough compared to the internal memory.

And how to move applications to external memory by opening settings or settings. After that select additional settings. Open application management and click install. Select the app you want to move, tap on it and select the options move to external memory or SD card.

5. Set camera photo storage location

The last tutorial to overcome full memory is to set the camera photo storage location. Move the location from internal memory to external memory. So, when shooting a photo, it is automatically saved to external memory or SD card. You do this by opening the camera application and then looking for the settings menu. Change the storage location from internal to SD card.

Tutorials to overcome full memory on a cellphone can be applied if the smartphone used is starting to slow down. After knowing the tutorial, it is hoped that the cellphone used will start to return to normal when used. May be useful.

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