pickRingStop App Silences Your Phone When You Pick It Up

Android is famous for its customization options. There are tons of apps(pickRingStop App )out there that just enhance the user experience, and they’re pretty simple and do only one thing. The app we’ll talk about here, Pickerington , is an excellent example.

The Pickering stop app can silence your phone when you pick it up

This app does one thing, and it does it very well. When you receive a call, Pickering stop can pause the ringtone when you pick up the phone from your desk, for example.

So maybe you don’t want to answer right away. You want to check who is calling and whatnot. Well, when you pick up the phone, this app will silence the ringtone, although the phone will continue ringing.

It will save your ears from unnecessary noise when you are thinking about answering or checking who is calling. calling. This will silence the ringtone whenever you pick up the phone from a stationary location, such as a desk

You can also wave your hand at the device to silence it

There is another way to mute the ringtone, you can wave your hand over the phoneThat’s basically, that’s all this app does. It hasn’t been updated for several years, and that’s only because the use case is simple and works well. Developers don’t feel the need to make any changes.

Users also report that the app works fine when you take your phone out of your pocket as well. It’s not a still position, but there you go, it also works in that use case.

The UI is simple, and it doesn’t look bad either, which is good considering it’s not the latest app. Also, even if that’s not the case, it’s fine, because you won’t see the UI very often. The point of this app is to stay in the background and do its job.

The app is free to download and use, and no ads are included. You can get them from the link below (Google Play Store), while we have also included some official screenshots for you.pickRingStop App 

pickRingStop app (Google Play Store)

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