Regular and WhatsApp calls will be recorded in a pinch, just have to do this

Many times there comes a situation when we need to record some important phone calls but if we do not know how to record the call, then the problem arises. S You need to rely on third-party apps and other services for this. Here we are sharing some ways by which you can record your regular phone calls and WhatsApp calls.

However, there are some conditions. Your device must be running Android 9 or newer to record your phone calls. Google says that the user must be in a country or region with call recording support. Call recordings are not available anywhere. Therefore, the facilities differ depending on your country or region. Don’t worry, it is available in India but it might not be visible to select users. Also, the device and carrier need to support this feature.

Note: Before the call starts, Google says that the call participants are notified that the call has been recorded.

Third Method:
If both the methods are not working for you, then you can install third-party call recording app from the Play Store. You can download the “Cube ACR” app, which can automatically record regular phone and WhatsApp calls. It can also work as a recorder app to record audio voice. You can set up auto-recording and even exclude certain callers. There is also an option to manually turn on the call recording. The app call recording widget will appear every time you make a call.

You can check permissions for this app in the Settings section of the phone, or you can simply long press on the app and tap App info > Permissions. Here, if you think the app doesn’t require permission for something, you can make changes.

What are the things you should keep in mind before using third party apps?
Users are advise to be careful while using third party apps. Before downloading any app, make sure to check the developer name, review, privacy policy and other details. Once you’re satisfied, install the app and make sure you only grant access to the features (permissions) that are required for the app to run.

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