The best apps to identify plants on Android

You may be very interested in the plant world and therefore want to know more about the different species that exist in your area. Or maybe you want to know what kind of plants you find while you are outdoors. fortunately, we can use our android phones. There are applications that help us easily identify plants.

We will talk about these applications below, as we have made a summary where we talk about some of them. That’s why we leave you with the best apps to identify plants we can download on Android. That way, when we are outdoors, in a garden or anywhere we see a plant, this app will help us identify it. These are applications that you can use both on your phone and on your tablet.

The selection of applications in this area has increased significantly over time. In addition, they have become even better, so we have good applications available, which will be reliable in the process. Thanks to them it will be possible to identify all kinds of plants or flowers that come to us or that we have in our garden without any worries. In addition, they are apps that can also be downloaded for free, which is another aspect that users appreciate on Android.

Google Lens has become one of the most versatile applications in the Google catalog, thanks to a large number of features it contains. One of the functions it gives us is to be able to identify plants, flowers, and trees through the camera. For this reason, this app deserves a place in this list, as it performs this task very well, in fact, it is one of the most accurate in this regard, and it is also free for Android users.

When we open Google Lens, we have an option to search with the phone camera. Therefore, we only have to indicate what plant, flower, or tree we want to identify at that moment. for example. So in a few seconds, we already have the information about the plant or flower in question with complete comfort. So the process is fast and really simple for all users. In addition, if we want we can also use the function of uploading a photo from mobile memory, if we have taken a photo of a plant or tree, in order for the application to identify its species, this will also work in the application.

Both ways to identify plants do not create problems and Google Lens is a really useful application. exactly when these plants or flowers are identified, so it is an excellent option to consider in this regard. So it has earned its place in this list of best apps to identify plants on Android. On the other hand, we should not forget that it is an application that we can download for free on our Android phones or tablets, available in the Google Play Store.

Lenses on Google
developer: Google LLC

Price: Free

  • Google Lens Screenshot
  • Google Lens Screenshot
  • Google Lens Screenshot
  • Google Lens Screenshot

PictureThis – Plant Identification

Second, we find another option that stands out for its very good functionality and is one of the most popular among Android users. In fact, it’s an app that stands out for very good reviews from users who have downloaded it, as can be seen from its Google Play Store profile. So it presents itself as another good application with which we will be able to identify plants at any time.

Running the app is something really simple for all Android users. The only thing we will have to do in this regard is take a picture of the plant we want to identify at that moment. The application will then analyze the mentioned photo and in a few seconds will tell us what the plant is, will show us its species. Moreover, the app is something we will be able to use with both plants and flowers or trees. So it is very versatile in this regard. It has a large database inside, so it will identify virtually all the plants or flowers we encounter and will do so very quickly.

Downloading this app for Android is free , available today in the Google Play Store. In addition, there are no purchases or ads of any kind inside, so we can use it without any distraction. A great option, which you can download to your phone or tablet from this link:

PhotoThis Identify The Plant
  • PictureThis Identify the Plant Screen View
  • PictureThis Identify the Plant Screen View
  • PictureThis Identify the Plant Screen View
  • PictureThis Identify the Plant Screen View
  • PictureThis Identify the Plant Screen View

plant crackle

In third place we have another of the most popular apps we can download on Android to identify plants . Like the previous options in this list, it is an application that we can use with plants, flowers or trees without any problems, thanks to the large database it has inside. So in a few seconds we will have information about what kind of plant is in front of us.

The operation does not differ much from the previous options in this list. In other words, we will take a picture of the plant in question with the phone camera and the app will help us identify which plant or tree it is. In addition, it will do it very quickly, in a few seconds, so it presents itself as a really useful and efficient tool when it comes to identifying plants. As we have said, it has an extensive database, where we have at our disposal more than 316,000 different species of plants, flowers and trees. So you will identify this plant at any time.

PlanSnap is one of the best apps to identify plants on Android. This is an app that we can download on Android for free from the Google Play Store. Inside there are ads and purchases, with which you can enjoy the app without any limits. However, they are optional. You can download the application from this link:

If you want to avoid these annoying ads and enjoy the app to the fullest, with all its features, we can bet on its Pro version. This is a paid version, which costs 19.99 euros. It’s a high price, but for those users who need studies or work (because you work with plants), it can be a good option, as it is seen by many as the best of these Android apps. The paid version is also available in the Play Store, at the following link:

Plant Snap Pro
developer: Plant Snap, Inc.

Price: 19.99

Nature ID

The fourth app on this list is another name that enjoys good ratings in the Google Play Store. nature is another great app to identify plants from your Android phone or tablet. Like the rest of the apps on this list, it works with both plants and flowers or trees. You will only need to run the leaf of this plant or tree so that it can identify it in a few seconds, so it is something simple and comfortable.

nature is also an application that promises good accuracy when it comes to identifying these plants, They say it is 95% accurate. in its description, so it presents itself as a credible option to consider. We will only need to point the phone camera at the factory mentioned so that it can perform its identification. In addition, the application will give us the name and a description of each plant, with information about its origin, the type of plant it is, and other useful information.

One of the most prominent functions is that it allows the identification or detection of diseases in plants. So if you have a plant that is not doing well in your garden, that you see that is losing life or that is not growing, the app can help you find out what is going on with it. This makes it a good help for all types of users, both at home and at work, as well as makes the application much more complete and versatile.

nature has earned its place in this list of best apps to identify plants on Android. It is an easy-to-use, accurate application that gives us some of the most interesting features to consider. The app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store on Android. Inside there are purchases, which will allow us to unlock some of its most complete and interesting features. You can download it from this link:

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