Middle-aged couples looking at laptop computers All major online brokers provide tutorials, investment selection tools, research reports and brokers to help them make decisions. JD Power & P


Middle-aged couple looking at a laptop computer

All major online brokers provide tutorials, investment selection tools, research reports and brokers to help you make decisions. JD Power & Parach, consumer research and marketing companies, both survey customer satisfaction each year to determine the best online brokerage firms, and the results are not always consistent. The best online investment company for you is one that meets your needs in terms of transaction costs, investment choices, tools, research and customer service.

Transaction fee

According to the top ten reviews of online investment firms’ perch, those with the highest rankings in terms of transaction fees and commissions are: There were kings. Online market orders are the least expensive, ranging from around 75 4.75 to 99 9.99 by 2014. In fact, most online brokers keep their online market order fees low. For more complex orders such as market limit orders, the transaction fee per order can be more than $ 30.

Different types of investments offered

Most online brokers offer stocks, options, exchange traded funds and mutual funds, but not all of them allow you to trade globally on foreign exchange. Option House and Charles Schwab have the highest rates of investment in the parachute rate, followed by Option Express, E-Trade and TD Emirates. According to Motley Fool’s comparison of online investment houses, Option House does not offer global trade, but others do.

Website quality and investment tools

With the help of stocks and mutual funds in particular, online tools such as price charts and filtered searches can improve your investment decision makingAll the firms surveyed by Porch are very high in trading and investment tools, but Option Express, Option House, Sincere and First Trade have the highest rankings.

Customer satisfaction

The JD Power survey focuses on customer satisfaction, ranking online brokers by transaction fees, account information, ease of interaction, investment offers, tools and resources, and problem solving. These are similar to the points studied on the porch. However, JD Power includes ScotTrade, Charles Schwab and Vanguard in its 2013 survey as one of the best online investment sites overall. The overall choice of porch is Option Express, Option House and Trade King.



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