Tips for using camera in the rain

Find tips to avoid problems with a wet camera

Like any electronics, water is not a friend of your digital camera … unless it is specifically designed for underwater use.

With a standard camera in rainy weather, there is another problem with water getting into your lens and ruining your photos.

However, just because it rains does not mean you should cancel your photography session.

Wet camera tips

  • Always carry some dry clothes with you, a type of cloth that can clean all parts of the camera, especially the lens and LCD. Store clothes in a sealed plastic bar if they are not used to keep them dry.
  • Do not wear a T-shirt or jeans to keep the camera lens dry. If you are sure you do not want to scratch the lenses then of course you need to use a microfiber cloth specially designed to make the lenses safer .
  • Keep a number of poles by hand so that you can climb out of the camera between shots. Although these poles may be damp, they can provide at least some protection while you use the camera.
  • Make sure you have a weather camera bag, or wear all-weather clothing. You can keep the camera dry and protected (under the bag or under your clothes) when you are not using it.
  • Rely on an umbrella to keep your equipment dry. If you are not sure if you can take a hand-held photo all day – a small point-and-shoot model that is not recommended with any camera – it is impossible when trying to shoot with both hands. Also, if the weather is windy, the pit should not fall out of the water and hit the camera.
  • Can you tell by the overhanging roof or anything else of the resident? You may not get all the photos you want, but you will dry out. Again, wind and rain can ruin this strategy.
  • You can try using a plastic bag or towel wrapped around the top of the camera to keep it dry. If possible, attach a lens hood to keep the lens protected from the rain, depending on the camera model.

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