5 Websites That Help You Make Better Investments

5 Websites That Help You Make Better Investments

Investing in the stock market can be a very lucrative endeavor. With a lot of knowledge and a little bit of luck, as the saying goes, make your money work for you. The stock market has been compared to a farm where your money is like cattle that you hope you will multiply. It is compared to a garden where your money is considered a seed that you can plant and see grow. I would compare it to a highway where there is a ramp to your savings, a huge ramp to your financial purpose and in between there are a lot of rules, regulations and hidden risks to deal with.

All these metaphors have some important factors in common. If you don’t know how to farm, garden, and drive, you will fail in all three. But no one started a master farmer. Green thumbs are learned, not painted, and getting your driver’s license itself takes a little learning. Similarly, with a little education and support, anyone can learn to invest their money with the least risk and the greatest possible reward.

If you are not already an investor, this is probably due to one of two reasons: either you don’t have much money to invest or it seems more risky. In fact, the money you put in the stock market will be there for a while. And you may not return it. But these days there are many mobile apps and websites that aim to minimize this risk and give you, me and everyone else an investment opportunity.

Here are five mobile apps that keep investing within reach of each one, either by making it easy, simplifying your choices, offering great advice, or just making it cheap enough to save you a lot of money. Do not have to take the risk. In fact, one of these sites allows you to learn only with money, just to learn. Interesting?


Motif is a very interesting app that, unlike any particular company, simplifies the professional investment strategy of investing in a theme, to the point where anyone with a smartphone can participate. The idea of ​​investing in a group of companies within the theme is like limited diversity. Say you believe the price of tomato sauce is going up and you want to get into it. You have $ 100 to invest, and you face a decision: will I invest in Hunts, Prego, or Heinz, or will I go to supply and America’s largest tomato Will I invest in the farm? When you invest in a form, you do not make a decision. You split your 100 100 into four options.

He has about 100 of these portfolios. You choose one, invest at least $ 250 and pay a fee of 9. 95.95. Once you’ve done that, you can customize the portfolio to your liking.

2: Mukhlis.com.

The sincere investment website is useful for beginners and experienced investors. It is an excellent stock rating and education tool, as well as a lashboard for all your business and research. It’s never a good idea to get all your stock advice from any source, but it’s easy to forget that when you start accessing a wealth of information in a sincere knowledge center.

What sets Fidelity’s website apart – in addition to the relatively low-cost trades for such a complete website – is its rating system, which has many different advisors for each stock. Gives opinion Once again, it is never a good idea to get all your information from one source.

3: Robin Hood.

The Robin Hood app hasn’t been released yet, but it’s very interesting and rightly so. What makes this app special? One word: nothing. Robin Hood is the first app to offer stock trading. You can buy and sell stocks absolutely free of charge. This is unprecedented in the history of stock trading. Is it any wonder that there are so many people waiting for Robin Hood’s release with excitement or fear?

Robin Hood plans to monetize others by licensing them on his platform and offering premium services for a fee. But, at the moment, it’s the only planned way to trade for free and with minimal balance. The Robin Hood team seems to take his name seriously, putting wealth in everyone’s hands.

4: ShareBuilder.com

CapitalOne’s sharebuilder.com is on the list because, unless Robin Hood is released to the public, it is the cheapest business website available for investment. It’s a naked website instead of bones, but it doesn’t detract from its usefulness. Trading on ShareBuilder is quick, easy and costs only 6. 95.695.

ShareBuilder.com also allows you to easily configure a system under which your trading account is pulled from a savings account. This makes the transition easier and makes investing even easier. Beware, though; It also makes it easier to spend money if you are a beginner.

5: Wall StreetServeViewer.com.

Successfully invests. But it also takes experience and education. How will you get this education without losing money in the stock market? Making Money and Investing in Wall StreetSurver.com – Easy.

The best way to describe Wall StreetServeViewer.com is to call it a stock investment dojo. First you read their articles and videos, then you practice it with fake money like a karate student fights on pad. And, just like a junior karateka, you earn badges of honor when you move on. Unlike martial artists, these are not belts. These are mostly like merit badges, which show your literacy in a particular area of ​​investment.

Unless you have the good fortune to invest, it’s best to start with the counterfeit money and take it seriously. Wall Street Survivor gives you that opportunity, and I suggest you take it.


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