Law study in the United State

Law firms can open multiple doors. Law provides you with the skills you need to practice law or develop a career in other fields (such as politics, diplomacy, economics, business, or education). There are many advantages to studying law. However, this is a lonely, scary and difficult process, so it is important to know that studying law is the right choice.

As an international student, you should be aware that the J. (Doctor of Law) from the American Law School will not always prepare you to practice law in your home country, because the American Law School teaches law. However, J.D. law firms all over the world hire lawyers. In addition, the school also teaches the civil law of Louisiana, which applies to certain states.

International students tend to show greater interest in lawyers such as LLM, LLM or LLM. After obtaining a law degree in English at an American university, your chances of returning to your home country tend to increase.

American Law School
Studying law in the United States is very different from studying law in other countries: in some countries, students start legal education after graduating from high school. Most universities in other countries/regions only need a high school diploma or equivalent to admit students to law schools. However, in the United States, law is a professional field compatible with degrees in other parts of the world.

Law schools in the United States are part of public or private universities that provide JD programs. Full-time students are usually three years, and part-time students are usually four years. Because of Socrates’ basic research, research, and methods, the first year of law is considered the most difficult.

Note: The Socrates method is a technique used in most law courses. In this method, the teacher invites students to make suggestions or answer questions on a case-by-case basis. This scared many students, especially international students, who might not dare to speak in class. However, most of them can quickly adapt to the teaching style.

Expectation of studying law
As a first-year (1L) law student in the United States, you may take courses such as contract law, criminal law violations, and constitutional law.

As a second-year (2L) student, you tend to focus on other activities, such as statutory audits, courts, legal affairs and other extracurricular activities, which require a lot of practice. Since most 2L students must start studying law practice from the second to the third year, it is essential that they have as much practical experience as possible in the second year. Most of these practitioners work full-time after graduation.

As a third grade (3L) student, you can choose elective law, such as international law, immigration law, antitrust law or intellectual property law. Students in third grade usually spend a lot of time doing work and studying law exams.

Note: The barking test is a test to determine whether an applicant is eligible to comply with the laws in its jurisdiction. If you decide to comply with the law in another country or region, you may need to go through a second legal process to become a qualified dual attorney.

Choose a law school
In the United States, choosing the right lawyer is an important process. View school rankings. However, if possible, be sure to visit the university at the same time. Talk to current students and students, and learn as much as possible about the school. It is usually recommended that you consult a lawyer where you plan to study. For more information, we provide you with some tips on how to choose the right law school for you.

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