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Web Designer

A web designer is someone who has to design the look and feel of the website. User experience designed to be easy to(online make money) use. Know where the buttons should be to increase sales. Understand the structure of all web applications and many more details Which let me tell you that this career is generating good income, not losing any career. Like the fish itself, it is classified in this category. Work 100%(online make money) online, talk to customers via line. When done, just send the website link to the customer to use. You just don’t have to leave here and there. It can help increase working time and get more work. In addition to knowing about web design We also need to know how to build a website to be good. Because we will be able to accept full service work, customers can do whatever they want. And of course, the price per project is more expensive according to the functions that customers want.

If anyone has a career as a designer already. Whether it’s a graphic designer product designer or other line designers can be a web designer as well because they already have knowledge of design We will have an understanding of the composition, the use of colors, the use of experience to see the work whether it is easy to use or not. We just need to learn and practice more web making skills. It will help us(online make money) to work in this line. Might be a little tired at first, having to learn a lot But I’d say it’s worth it. Because no matter what, the future world will definitely be 100% online, as we saw when we were faced with the covid situation. which it may have happened something more serious than that, 

SEO Specialist

Anyone who is good at working with Google, please come this way. Now many people may be tired of using social media like Facebook and Instagram because the more customers use, the more shrinking. Advertising costs are increasing day by day. Therefore, anyone who is interested in the field of web and SEO is considered right. SEO comes from the word Search Engine Optimization or is simply strange. The way everyone understands is Making content or making a web page for Google search on the first page itself. which the advantage is Customers will come to our website without having to pay a single baht. The concept looks great, but hey, it’s not easy to do.

Therefore, a person who can become an SEO Specialist must have a fair amount of experience. and working hard than to know which method works or does not work And of course when it’s hard to do people really do There are few as well. The cost has also increased accordingly. Who wants to come this way Fish recommends you to read SEO principles that are easy to understand here. Very real in the industry And for those who want to be serious, buy a course. (online make money)Don’t be afraid to waste money Because the fish also studied with Mr. Wee. So everyone has come across this article of fish. Definitely worth every baht, every satang paid.

Online Consultant

online consultant It is also interesting that we can use our(online make money) specialized knowledge to give advice to people in need. which is classified as a service For example, consulting on brand building, accounting, financial matters. to providing advice on mental health problems, etc.

We may use branding and website to make us look credible. and find customers online to the use of technology to communicate with customers such as video calls via Skype, Line, Facebook to consult with customers We can also create manuals, instructions and recommendations as a digital product as well.

Example of a consultant for teaching websites and SEO >>>


If anyone likes to sell online but doesn’t want to invest in stock, I recommend this method. Our duty is simply to contact the supplier. and ask for the price of the product at a special price for us We are also responsible for promoting products. Build a website, create a fan page for people to buy products through us. When a customer is interested in buying, we send the order that the customer ordered to the supplier to send the product directly to the customer. don’t pass us Income is also divided by percentage as agreed.

It’s a very convenient method. But there is a caveat that we need to know the techniques of online marketing on multiple platforms in detail. Must do every possible way to sell products. If we want this method to be successful, we need to build a brand for selling that product seriously. In which our brand can sell many items of the same type to give customers more choices.

Online Marketer

Any friends who have expertise in online marketing? Like to update trends and new features of technology. Called as the mother of the marketing industry, this career is the best way. We may choose to specialize in one platform: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Google, E-Mail Marketing.

We can provide services and provide advice to interested groups such as people who do SMEs, people who do Personal Branding. In this era, online marketing is becoming more and more demanding every day. But people who do in this line of work are limited. Therefore, it is imperative to hurry to seize this opportunity.

Example of Online Marketer >>>

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