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How to buy insurance in the good end 2021

How to buy insurance in the good end 2021

The eighth edition of BonFin will run from November 16 to 19 and online promotions and purchases are on the rise, but security measures also need to be strengthened.

There are various ways to verify that a site is not malicious, according to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Consumers of Financial Services (CondoSafe). We offer the most basic before shopping on El Bone Art.

  • The site must have HTTPS. This is a security certificate offered by a website . The user can be sure that their information will not be blocked by any other site. You can confirm this by using the e- lock on the top left of the address bar .
  • Remember password. Your web server will ask you to save passwords for later access, do not enable this option , it is better to login whenever you use bank or personal data.
  • Automatic configuration. To prevent passwordsor credit card details from being saved,  disable the option automatically in your own browser.
  • Provider contact details. You should always accompany them for any kind of explanation. Avoid linking to external or third party sites to make payments or provide personal information . View user comments on their social networks as well.
  • Purchasing oversight. Although this is not always the case, it is important to have the same page that pays. In addition, it must provide access to the date of purchase: order date, payment, shipping and delivery .

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