How to Monetize on Facebook to Make Money

By | July 18, 2021

This monetization can make you money from the content you post on Facebook. Here’s how.
Besides YouTube, it turns out that Facebook social media can also be used for monetization to make money. Monetization is an activity that changes everything to become a means of making money or legal tender. You can earn money from the content you post on Facebook. Everyone can do this monetization easily.

Monetization Rules on Facebook But before doing monetization on Facebook, it helps you understand about the rules related to monetization. This rule is useful so that users avoid actions that violate the law. Facebook sets the monetization standard into 3 sets of rules, as reported by the official website :

1. Community Standards Community standards are the basic rules of Facebook. This standard regulates unsafe content featuring sadistic content, nudity, and hate speech. Generally, even non-monetized content must comply with this rule.

2. This Standard Partner Monetization Policy applies at the page level and governs the overall actions of your Page. These standards include the rules for the content your Page creates, how it is shared, and how your Page accepts and makes online payments .

3. Content Monetization Policy This rule passes at the content level. This policy governs the content of each individual video or post your Page publishes. These standards include rules against violent, sexual, criminal, immoral or inappropriate content.

How to Check Your Page’s Monetization Eligibility On the Facebook page
there is also a feature to check the monetization eligibility of your Page. To find out if your Page is eligible, please follow these steps:
1. Open Creator Studio;
2. On the left, click the ‘Monetization’ tab;
3. Select the Page you want to check;
4. Click ‘Apply’.
You will be directed to the Monetization Eligibility Checker, where you can view and review your status.
Green: Congratulations! Your page is ready to make money.
Yellow: Your page has several issues that might affect its ability to generate money.
Red: Your page has a serious problem. At this time, you cannot use this Page to make money.

Monetizing Eligible Video Content
In order to monetize videos on Facebook, you must meet the Partner Monetization Policy. To do this, you must do the following:

Meets Community Standards;
Comply with Payment Terms;
Comply with the Page Terms;
Adhere to the Content Monetization Policy;
Read and agree to the Content Monetization Terms;
Share authentic content;
Build an established presence on Facebook.

By including ads in your videos, you confirm that you have the right to use all of the content in each video.

Upgrading from Facebook for Developers to Monetization Manager

you will need:

Business Manager Account. You can sign up for Business Manager while onboarding .
Admin role if you already have a Business Manager account. Learn about Business Manager roles and permissions.
The admin role for your app on the Facebook for Developers site. Learn about roles at Facebook for Developers.
Moving your apps

1. Open Monetization Manager.

2. Select the apps you want to move to Monetization Manager. If the app you want to move doesn’t appear, click ‘Can’t see your app?’ to see a list of apps and sites where you’ve played a role.

3. In Business Manager, select the account to which you want to move apps and sites of your choice or create a new account.

4. Click ‘Create My Property’ to group your app into properties. Properties replace the application concept used on the Facebook for Developers site. Each Property can only have one entry for each platform, for example iOS or Android.

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