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Understand the Risks You Can Face If You Don’t Have BPJS
BPJS (Health Social Security Administering Body) is a public legal entity that is directly responsible to the president with the task of providing national health insurance to all Indonesian people.

Based on Law No. 24 of 2011, all workers registered with a company are required to become participants in BPJS Employment and Health. However, in practice there are still many companies that do not follow the regulations by not registering their employees in the BPJS program.

Of course, the government has prepared sanctions or fines for business owners who do not want to participate in the BPJS Employment and Health program. The sanction is in the form of an administrative sanction, which means the company will experience difficulties when it comes to dealing with the local government. Usually at the beginning it is in the form of a warning and if it still doesn’t change, it can lead to no public service.

For example, when you are going to take care of an extension of a business license, it may be rejected before the employee becomes a BPJS participant. Because the regulations regarding this matter have been regulated in the law, their implementation is also of course strict.

Risks for companies that do not pay BPJS Health
Services that will be limited by the government for violators companies such as:

Unable to participate in project tender
Not given permission to have foreign workers
Can’t take care of building permits
Apart from companies, those who can be subject to government sanctions are workers who do not have BPJS. Sanctions that may be obtained include:

Can’t take care of building permits
Can’t take care of land certificate
Unable to apply for a driver’s license
So make sure the company you work for provides BPJS employment before you feel sanctions from the government. And if you still haven’t, you can contact the company to arrange it immediately.

Companies have a legal obligation to register their workers with BPJS Employment and Health, but there are still companies that don’t want to pay more for this.

The payment of BPJS Employment and Health contributions is shared between the company and workers in the portion regulated by law. So the company has to spend some money and the employees will get a percentage cut from their wages for BPJS contributions.

The Risks of Not Having an Independent Health BPJS
For independent BPJS Health, you can take care of your own BPJS and pay for it yourself every month. Based on the latest information, BPJS Kesehatan Mandiri costs have increased significantly from the previous year:

Class 1 BPJS Health Contribution Rp. 150.000
2nd Class BPJS Health Contribution IDR 100,000
BPJS Health Class 3: IDR 35,000
There are several risks that you can get if you don’t have a personal BPJS Health

Expensive Health Fee
One of the advantages of having BPJS Health is that your health costs will be covered by BPJS Health. Moreover, the limit of coverage is greater than health insurance. Well, if you don’t have BPJS Health and health insurance at the same time, it will certainly harm you because you have to pay health costs that are not cheap.

Not Getting Medical Service
For some health cases, those of you who have an illness in critical condition have to perform surgery, either minor or major surgery, which is very expensive. If you don’t have BPJS Health, of course you have to spend large amounts of personal money ranging from tens to hundreds of millions. It would be a shame if you can’t get medical services just because of the cost.

Don’t feel the need to have BPJS because you already have other insurance
One of the reasons for being reluctant to have BPJS is usually because they already have their own insurance from a private company. Indeed, insurance from private companies has a policy that looks better than BPJS, but you still need to have BPJS. With the benefits of the two insurances can be combined so that the benefits are maximized. BPJS also has a broad coverage in health protection, on the other hand private insurance has a policy that is adjusted to the amount of contributions you pay each month.

In accordance with the regulations set by the government, every worker must be registered in the BPJS program regardless of the reason. Apart from having to have a BPJS security provided by BPJS in health protection, it is quite extensive so you don’t have to worry about having to pay a lot if you are sick and need medical action.

If the company is reluctant to register its workers, you can urge the company to carry out its obligations on a clear legal basis so that you and the company avoid the applicable sanctions.

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