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Scope of insurance coverage

This policy covers compensation above and beyond the benefits provided by the Social Insurance Institution, which will be demanded from the employer to the workers or their entitlements, who are bound by the service contract. And will be subject to social insurance law, due to legal liability borne by the employer as a result of work accidents in the workplace. Compensation, and compensation paid at the end of tax Which should be presented against the employer by the same institution. Accidents at work, up to the amount written in the policy.

The insurance company will also pay court costs and attorney’s fees in the event of an insurance lawsuit. Until now, if the premium paid is more than the insurance cost, the insurer only contributes to the costs of litigation, including attorney’s fees, in proportion to the insurance cost.

If there is no conflicting agreement, the situation is excluded from coverage

Article 2 – If there is no agreement against it, the following matters are excluded from the insurance coverage.

A- 1) While employees are brought to work in a vehicle provided by the employer,
2) Occupational accidents that occur during the time spent by employees without moving to another place due to relocation of duty, b-Occupational accidents occur
outside the borders of the Republic of Turkey ۔
C. Compensation claims that result from occupational illness
Moral compensation claims

Conditions are not excluded from coverage

Article 3 – The following matters are excluded from insurance coverage.

a) Claims of damages and damages arising out of intentional or intentional incidents,
B) claims based on the performance of a contract or special agreement, in excess of the insurer’s legal obligation,
C) War, all kinds of war incidents, attacks, foreign enemy movements, conflict (whether war has been declared or not), civil war, revolution, insurgency, coup and the police and military operations required by them. All loss and damage,
(D) all damage caused by ionizing radiations or radioactive pollutants arising from any nuclear fuel or nuclear residue as a result of nuclear fuel or related causes, and the military and disciplinary measures taken therewith. Exist or not. Field of employer activity, provided they are outside the employer’s field of activity. And the losses will include a self-sustaining nuclear fusion event.
e) The acts of terrorism as defined in Anti-Terrorism Act No. 3713 and the sabotage arising from these acts and the damages resulting from the intervention of the competent authorities to prevent and mitigate their effects.

Beginning and end of insurance

Article 4 – Insurance starts at 12.00: 12.00 noon and ends at noon on the days written on the start and end dates of the policy, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Declared liability of the insured

Article The insurance company has accepted insurance in the absence of any proposal, in the absence of a proposal, in the policy and its adjunct acquisitions, in order to inform the real risk situation. If the insurer’s statement is incorrect or incomplete, then it is not necessary to enter into a contract with the insurer or under more stringent conditions.

a) If the insurer intends, the insurer may withdraw the contract within one month from the date of learning of the situation, and will not pay compensation to the insurer if there is a risk. In case of refund, the insurance is entitled to premium.
B) If the insurer does not intend, the insurer terminates the contract within one month from the date of learning of the situation or enforces the contract by collecting the premium difference. The contract expires if the policyholder notifies that he does not accept the required premium difference within 15 days. Notice of Cancellation by the Insurance Company with a Receipt of Return by Registered Letter or Notary of Cancellation takes effect at 12.00 noon on the 5th business day after the date of notification of insurance. The premium is calculated on a day to day basis until it expires and the excess amount is refunded.
C) The right to withdraw, terminate or claim the premium difference is forfeited if it is not used within the stipulated time.
D) Risk if the policyholder has no intention:
1- Before the insured person learns the situation or,
2- Within the period during which the insured may give notice of termination, or
– If this notice is made within the period to come into effect, the insurer will waive the compensation in proportion between the premium received and the premium accrued.

Restrictions on notification during the term of insurance and its consequences

Article If- If the articles of risk and the nature of the risk as stated in the proposal or in the policy and in the absence of a proposal in its appendix have been changed without the consent of the insurer, the insurer shall make such change. Will:

a) immediately if it has been made by itself or by someone else with its express or consensual consent,
B) If it is done by another person without his explicit or implicit consent, he will notify the insurance company as soon as he finds out the situation, and in both cases, within the latest 8 days. Within 8 days from the date on which the insurer notifies the change, if the change is required, it will not enter into an agreement or do so with stricter conditions:
1- Terminate the contract or,
2- Enforces the agreement by claiming the premium difference. If the policyholder notifies that he does not accept the demanded premium difference within 8 days, the contract will be terminated. 5th business day after the date of notification of insurance with the return of receipt by registered letter from the insurance company or notice of cancellation by notary. Effective at 00 minutes XNUMX minutes.

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